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Understanding Sexual Health And Its Role In Leading A Happy Life

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines sexual health as more than just the absence of disease, dysfunction, or infirmity; rather, it is a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being in relation to sexuality. To maintain sexual health, one must have a non-judgmental attitude toward one’s sexuality and relationships, as well as the opportunity to have satisfying sexual encounters in a safe environment free from pressure, prejudice, and physical or verbal abuse.

What Is The Purpose Of A Sexual Health Clinic?

A sexual health clinic can provide you with information regarding sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and contraception. Depending on the services provided, these centres may go by a variety of names, including those pertaining to family planning, general reproductive medicine, or GUM. Privacy and discretion are guaranteed when using such services. The following are services you should be able to obtain with a sexual health clinic.

  • 1. Sound advice on how to avoid sexually transmitted infections
  • 2. Sexually transmitted infection tests
  • 3. Methods of birth control and related info
  • 4. All forms of birth control, including emergency contraceptive methods

You may need to schedule a second appointment if you want to get an implant or intrauterine device (IUD) as a type of contraception

The following are examples of ancillary services that may be offered by some sexual health clinics but not others

  • 1. Tests for cervical cancer.
  • 2. Assistance for victims of sexual assault.
  • 3. Hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccinationsinfo.
  • 4. People who have been exposed to HIV recently may benefit from post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), a short course of anti-HIV drugs.

Where To Get Your Sexual Health Checked?

Most preferably at an STI clinic. At times, STI clinics are “drop-in,” meaning you can walk in without making an appointment, but at other times, you must call ahead.

Irrespective of your age or gender, if you have any symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection, you should visit a sexual health clinic. Although the clinic won’t tell your parents if you’re under 16, your privacy will be protected regardless of your age.

They will consult with you first before sharing any information with other healthcare providers if they have reason to believe you or another young person is in danger.

Where To Buy Sexual Health Medicine?

An online pharmacy like Pharmazon Homecare is a good place to start. You must always verify the online pharmacy’s legitimacy before purchasing from them. If you can’t reach the pharmacy by phone, the prices are too good to be true, or you’re told a prescription isn’t needed, don’t order your medication from that pharmacy. Counterfeit versions of legitimate medications are on the market and being sold by fake online pharmacies. If you need medication, get the right dosage from your doctor. Make sure to double-check the medication’s dosage and type when you order and receive them to ensure they are what your doctor ordered.


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