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Clinical waste is a type of healthcare leftover that gets disposed of in a specific and safe manner. Clinical waste also extends to excretions, drugs or other pharmaceutical items, swabs, dressings, syringes, needles and other instruments.

The Process

Safe and appropriate disposal and handling of clinical waste protects the health and safety for the patient. The process begins with arranging a collection. You can do so by call or email.

Request For Waste Collection

Once a request for waste collection is made, we can arrange a driver for the pickup along with your next delivery

Waste Bins Collected

Sharps bins are collected and need to be securely closed.

Wastage Distributed

Returns are stored safely and securely at our warehouse awaiting collection from the clinical waste destruction service provider.

Waste Recycled

The waste contractor then collects the waste, and the waste transfer forms

In offering our services, we pay attention to:



Waste management and compliance

Easy Access

Personalized service via patient care coordinator

Customer Support

Transportation of waste

Next-day Delivery

Clinical waste handling for home delivery patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, ends all your doubts & queries…

Q1: What is clinical waste UK?

Clinical waste is the term used to describe waste produced from healthcare and similar activities that may pose a risk of infection, for example, swabs, bandages, dressings etc. or may prove hazardous, for example medicines.

Q2: What are the rules for medical waste in the UK?

It must be placed in a security-protected area. Anatomical waste must be stored in refrigerated units unless they will be onsite for under 24 hours. Offensive waste must be stored in a secure building in secure bulk containers. 

Q3: What Colour is clinical waste?

Yellow Waste Bags

Infectious or potentially infectious clinical waste contaminated with chemicals or pharmaceutical / medicinal wastes e.g. medicated dressings, iodine dressings, swabs, wipes contrast media.

Q4: What are the NHS waste targets?

The NHS has an overall target to achieve net-zero carbon for its direct emissions by 2040. Targets in the strategy include; 30% reduction in the carbon emissions generated by NHS clinical waste. 50% reduction in the carbon emissions associated with all clinical waste management by 2026 – and 80% reduction by 2028.

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