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Let's Simplify the Prescription Process !

Prescription Management is the complete organisation of all your prescription needs, to ensure a timely supply of your complete medication to your doorstep. 

Let's Simplify the Prescription Process !

Prescription Management is the complete organisation of all your prescription needs, to ensure a timely supply of your complete medication to your doorstep. 

The Process

Contact our Pharmacy team to discuss your prescription needs, we will do the rest.

Prescription Recieved

  • Clinically Reviewed by our Qualified Pharmacists 
  • Pharmaceutical Reviewed by our Pharmacy Team

Prescription Processed

  • Dispensed by our trained dispensary team 
  • Checked and packed by our pharmacists and support team 

Prescription  Delivered

  • SMS notification with tracking number 
  • Tracked Next Day Delivery Service  

Prescription Reminder

  • Reminder created 
  • New Prescription requested 

Prescription Delivery to Patients

Pharmazon HomeCare is your one-stop solution to private prescription online delivery to your home, work or alternative delivery address.


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Automated notifications and reminders 

On-demand Advice

On-demand health advice & consultancy

Online Order

Order fulfillment and tracking (coming soon)

Next-day Delivery

Next-day delivery, weekday, and weekend deliveries are available.

Getting Connected With Us!

If you’re looking for help with your prescription management – get in touch today. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is online prescription management?

Online prescription management is a convenient digital platform that allows patients in the UK to request, renew, and manage their prescription medications over the internet. It simplifies the process of obtaining and maintaining necessary medications.

How does online prescription management work?

Online prescription management typically involves registering on a secure healthcare platform or app provided by your GP surgery or a reputable pharmacy. Once registered, you can request prescription refills, schedule medication deliveries, and communicate with healthcare professionals.

Are online prescription management platforms secure?

Yes, reputable online prescription management platforms prioritize security and adhere to strict data protection regulations, such as GDPR. Always choose a trusted platform and never share sensitive information on unsecured websites.

Can I request new prescriptions through online prescription management?

Yes, you can request new prescriptions for medications you need through these platforms. You will typically need to provide details about your condition, symptoms, and medication history for your GP to evaluate and approve your request.

Can I request a prescription online without seeing a doctor in person?

In some cases, yes. Through telemedicine services, you can consult with a healthcare professional online who can then issue a prescription if necessary. However, certain medications may require an in-person consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who are Pharmazon HomeCare?

Pharmazon HomeCare are a specialist home delivery pharmacy service working with your Clinic to help manage your prescription medication. Our dedicated team of Pharmacists and Dispensers are responsible for ensuring you receive a smooth service from the time the prescription is issued to the time it is delivered to your door.

Q2: What is the service you provide?
  • Put simply, we aim to ensure you receive your medication when you need it. We work closely with your clinic to obtain your original prescription as soon as possible after it is generated, so we can ensure it is legally & clinically checked before we dispense the medication.
  • We will contact you to inform you we have received a digital copy of your prescription and remind you to confirm your delivery instructions and make payment for your prescription before we can dispense it.
Q3: How does my prescription get to Pharmazon?

We will arrange to collect your original prescription from the clinic on a daily basis to avoid any delays. Pharmazon will always do our best to prioritise urgent prescriptions where For controlled drug prescriptions, we must have the original prescription before we can dispense your medication.

Q4: How much do you charge for my prescription?
  • We do our best to keep prices low and competitive against the high street pharmacies. We do recognize that on occasion there may be a pharmacy who is willing to supply medicines cheaper, we will do our best to price
  • Our fees include the cost for our service and the secure priority delivery
Q5: How do I pay for my medicine?
  • You will receive an email from our card payment processing partner ‘Worldpay FIS’. A global leader in secure card payments, please look out for the payment links and add them to your email safe senders list to avoid emails going to SPAM/JUNK
  • Follow the link shown to make a secure payment by debit or credit card.
Q6: When will I get my medicine?

We send out the deliveries every evening and use a priority Next Day delivery service from Royal Mail – ‘Special Delivery’

Q7: How do I contact the Pharmacy/Pharmacist?

We are open from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday

Q8: Feedback and Complaints – How can I provide feedback or make a complaint?

Please email the pharmacy on

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