What Is Product Storage For Medicines?

Product storage involves storing pharmaceuticals and related healthcare products in our pharmacy or warehouse.

The purpose is to ensure we hold sufficient stock to be able to deliver the prescribed medication to our patients without delay.

How Does It Help You?

Product storage helps ensure ease and convenience for our pharmacy and warehouse teams. But even more so, the timely availability and delivery of the medicine to the patient.

Another factor is the prescribed items list. In that, some medicines may need specific storage conditions. In this regard, one must ensure to check the dispensing label upon delivery of the package. Also, check for the date of manufacture and expiry.

The Process

  • The medicines are ordered either directly from the manufacturer or from an approved distributor/wholesaler.
  • Goods are checked to ensure the products are free from defects, damage and have sufficient expiry dates.
  • Goods are booked into our warehouse system and will be immediately available for the pharmacy or warehouse team to process orders.

What Do We Have On Offer?

  • We provide two types of storage: ambient and refrigerated.
  • In the former, medicines get stored at room temperature. These are stored away from direct sunlight or a source of heat. In essence, they are kept in a cool and dry place. As for the refrigerated ones, these reside in cold storage.
  • These medicines get marked as fridge items for user convenience. And users must ensure to refrigerate them upon receipt.

Why Choose us

  • We store and supply pharmaceuticals and medical consumables to ensure you have the right product, right temperature at the right time.

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