What is Prescription Management?

Prescription management is the complete documentation of all your medical needs to ensure a timely supply of treatments and pharmaceuticals right at your doorstep.

How does it help you?

It helps you receive adequate patient care, which rests at the heart of our service missions. You rest assured to get expert support and specialist care from your homes while being empowered to retain your lifestyle and attain enhanced wellbeing. Long-term results are the only end-goal we look forward to.

The Process

The process starts with registration. Next, our clinical team introduces you to the Pharmazon HomeCare delivery service. And finally, the team considers your written or informed consent towards the service.

Here are the steps involved:

  • Upon receiving the prescription, the clinical pharmacist checks to ensure the legal validity
  • The pharmacist goes through the details to gauge the appropriate medication and the dosage, strength and time
  • The prescription gets processed via the dispensary for the preparation of a final check
  • Our team of pharmacy liaises with your clinic to ensure the medication is adequately stocked
  • Then comes the storage and packaging requirements. Here, your medicines are classified either as fridge or room temperatures

Why Choose Us?

  • Automated notifications and reminders
  • Online order fulfilment
  • On-demand health advice
  • Next day UK delivery for prescription medication is available weekdays

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