Pharmaceutical Home Delivery Service:

Prescriptions can be electronic transmitted to Pharmazon or original prescriptions sent in the post.

Digital transmission is only permissible where the patient has nominated Pharmazon HomeCare as their Pharmacy provider.

Pharmazon will then dispense the medication and prepare the delivery for you.

How Does It Help You?

  • We aim to provide a service that is both easy to use and convenient.
  • The delivery service helps take care of all you medication needs.
  • You get contacted before the scheduled delivery date to help organise your medication
  • We help you adhere to the prescribed requirements working alongside your prescriber and clinical team.
  • If you are unavailable for delivery, the medicines get delivered to an authorised recipient on your behalf or will be redelivered to you.

The Process

The process begins with our patient coordinator as the primary point of contact for you. They will call you well before your medicine delivery is due to help coordinate your prescription and delivery requirements. Think of them as your personal contact within the company.

Here are the steps involved:

  • You will first get a call from the coordinator. During the call, you will be asked to provide information regarding the stock levels. Also, you will be required to confirm the prescription item(s) required and confirm arrangements for your next medication delivery.
  • Once these details are confirmed, we can then go ahead and organise the preferred location and delivery window.
  • The scope of the agreement with your clinic/hospital will determine the delivery option we provide. The delivery will be either via:
    1. Royal Mail Special Delivery Service
    2. National delivery partners for temperature controlled home delivery
    3. Pharmazon HomeCare Drivers.
  • Our pharmacy ensure the medication is adequately stocked and available for your prescription needs.
  • Finally, you can choose the level of security. In this regard, your patient care coordinator shall explain the details and confirm your passcode system for the upcoming delivery.

Why Choose us?

  • Prescription reorder reminders and notifications
  • Complete medicine support for your condition
  • Easy access to your patient care coordinator
  • Easy to use and reliable

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