Why Pharmazon HomeCare?

Pharmazon HomeCare makes retail and private prescription delivery services simpler and better. Think ready access to pharmacy support, genuine UK medicines, safe and discreet packaging, temperature-controlled storage, and distribution, with next-day delivery around the UK. We help solve some of the biggest complexities of patient care by automating the complete process of prescription management, medication delivery, and pharmaceutical & clinical waste returns. The brand ensures that we work closely with the NHS clinical teams, bridging the gap between primary and secondary care.

Now you don’t need to drive to the pharmacy and wait in line to get your prescription filled. With Pharmazon HomeCare, your medicines reach you at your home within 24 hours of dispatch.

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  • Our Vision

    We aim to ensure that we work closely with the NHS clinical teams to bridge the gap between primary and secondary care, providing a seamless continuation of the care patients receive from their clinical team.

    We have developed robust software systems to manage the entire homecare delivery process from obtaining your prescriptions to dispensing and delivering your medicines reporting and accounting.

  • Our Mission

    Pharmazon mission is to create an end-to-end digital pharmacy delivery service that allows patients to order and track their private prescriptions in real-time, from the point of prescribing to the point of delivery.

    We deliver your private prescriptions where and when you need them, anywhere in the UK.

    Our priority is to provide excellent customer service by building meaningful, trustworthy relationships with patients.

    We’re innovating within the digital healthcare industry by creating a secure, easy-to-use pharmacy app and delivery service that integrates with digital advances across the NHS.